Useful Info


Clothes should be comfortable and suitable for messy play. We endeavour to provide protective clothing for children when they play with messy activities.

We also ensure Yarburgh children are provided with and wear hi-visibility jackets when they are outside in the garden and on staff supervised outings.

We encourage children to gain the skills to allow them to be more independent and look after themselves including taking themselves to the toilet and taking off and putting on outdoor clothes. We suggest jogging bottoms or similar to help them to do this. Please bring spare clothes (including socks and underwear) and ensure all belongings are named.

Please also consider the following:

  • For safety reasons, no jewellery (except medical or religious)
  • Sun hat in the summer (please apply sun cream before school and if staying for extended session please ensure sun cream is provided in their bag)
  • Wellies for outside play
  • Plimsolls, soft shoes or slippers to be worn indoors during the winter months when outdoor shoes are likely to be dirty, wet or muddy
  • Ensure nappies, wipes and bags are provided if necessary
  • For safety reasons we ask that spare clothes and shoes are not brought in plastic bags

Boot bags, t-shirts and sweatshirts are available for purchase. Please speak to a member of staff for more information.


An unwell child should not attend preschool. Please note the following local health authority exclusion periods:

Chicken Pox 5 days from onset of rash
German measles 6 days from onset of rash
Measles 4 days from onset of rash
Mumps 5 days from onset of swollen glands
Sickness/diarrhoea At least 48 hours after last attack
Whooping Cough 5 days from taking antibiotics, or 21 days if no antibiotics
Head lice Love clean hair! Please treat promptly and let us know

If your child is unable to attend their session due to illness, please could you kindly notify us on 01342 300767, at your own convenience.

Important info

Nut Free

Please note Yarburgh Community Preschool is a nut-free setting so please be mindful when preparing your child’s packed lunch.

Equal Opportunities

We are committed to ensuring equal opportunities in every aspect of our organisation and our work. A copy of our full equal opportunities policy is available on request.


Yarburgh Community Preschool is a member of, and insured through the Pre School Learning Alliance.


We are registered with Ofsted. Regular visits are made to ensure we meet the required standard. The latest reports are available at the preschool, or online here.

Safeguarding children

If a member of staff is concerned that a child has suffered / is suffering or is at risk of suffering harm, it is their duty to report it to the supervisor and the appropriate authority. Please refer to our child protection policy (Policy 1.2) which is available at the preschool or on our website.

In case of any emergency please contact us on 01342 300767.

Registered charity

Yarburgh Community Preschool is a registered charity, number 1025289.

Date of inspection: 16 March 2018